GEVECHTSVELD           70x90 cm            2008
burned catalog of the Armando Museum
glass, graphite

HERSTEL                 50x60cm                    2006
pices of driftwood

WIEDERGUTMACHUNG      90x120 cm       2000
burned driftwood, papermaché, leaves, graphite

Gevechtsveld  1

 Realizing, that THERE IS A SEASON for all existence, I use the instability of
 different materials to express mortality

OOGGETUIGEN             50x58 cm             2009
burned driftwood, monoprint

BRANDPUNT             50x180 cm               2009
burned driftwood, monoprints

LAST HOPE              120x180 cm               2004
leaves, clay, acrylic color on wood

LAST HOPE               120x180 cm              2003
clay, wax-crayon, ink on wood

Last hope  1
Last Hope  2

 Longing for WIEDERGUTMACHUNG (Reparation), I try to repair damaged
 objects, found on the street or the beach

 Remnants of civilization, found on the beach and on the street, form the
 starting point for the thematic concepts and the ensuing choice of materials.

 In essence my work falls into 4 main categories:

THERE IS A SEASON      40x 200 cm       2006
four books, collages of remnants of the street
and the beach to remind the four seasons

OP=NIEUW                                                 2005
art objects stored in a cupboard

NOTHING LAST’S FOREVER                   2003
driftwood with monoprint

There is a season
Niets voor Niets
2halen 2betalen

SELFPORTRAIT            15x20 cm             2009
driftwood with monoprint                      

OOGGETUIGE             28x40 cm               2008
out of the ruins of the Armandomuseum,
lead remnants, wood with clay

LOTGEVALLEN            30x38 cm              2007
ceramic remnants from the sea side
on wood painted with earth

BIOGRAPHIES            8x60 cm         1995-2009
part of 15x9 parts (in total 18 m)
of round remnants of civilization
sorted by size and material


 Learning from BIOGRAPHIES, I establish links between found
objects by placing them in series or giving them new identity in another contex

 Burdened with ALTLAST (Old Burden), I use different techniques to remember